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Lecture    CO6756
People Plus Process Plus Tools Equals Success: Taking Quality to the Next Level
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Gilbane Building Company has long had an excellent Quality in Construction (QIC) program. We will discuss the elements of a successful QIC program and talk about why people, processes, and tools are essential to successfully providing value to the customer and enabling continuous improvement. We will review the benefits realized to date in our BIM 360 Field software implementation—anticipated benefits as well as unanticipated breakthroughs in knowledge sharing, business intelligence, and collaboration. Discussion will include relevant quality metrics and big data analysis, and we will cover how to find the story behind the numbers.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to develop and execute strategies to improve quality
  • Learn how to apply the equation "people plus process plus tools equals success" in your own organization
  • Learn how to identify metrics and analysis that will lead to your own breakthrough thinking
  • Learn how to apply learnings to the development of your own knowledge cycles



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