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Roundtable    AS124461-R
Visualization Deliverables: A Discussion of the Many Degrees of Visual Communication
Autodesk University
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How can Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows reduce the disconnect between document production and design intent visualization? This discussion will focus on taking a Revit BIM model into visualization and the production effort required. We'll cover a variety of visual communication platforms, from still images to panoramic images to interactive, dynamic virtual reality (VR). This roundtable will cover methods of accurate BIM visualization as well as isolated visual efforts with respect to production time and quality.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn about visualization products based on needs and stage of project
  • Learn how to evaluate workflows and methods for creating desired products efficiently
  • Learn how to choose software applicable to workflow and product goals
  • Learn how to prepare hardware to meet software and efficiency requirements



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