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Product Visualization Using Forge, Fusion 360, and Revit in Virtual Reality
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"This class will walk through the process developed by Autodesk with Steelcase to visualize individual product, settings (products grouped together) and co-design of product. This process can provide both standard visuals and virtual reality visuals in multiple locations around the globe simultaneously. This works just like multi gaming where users can interact both with each other as well as with objects/products in the virtual space. This process can be used to augment the product design process bringing product to market faster with fewer prototypes and less shipping and travel. This process can also be used to assist in complex marketing and selling where complex product needs to be displayed to multiple audiences simultaneously. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class)."

Aprendizajes clave

  • Understand the connection process between Fusion 360 to the new Revit Live VR solution
  • Understand how to connect, work, and communicate in the system
  • Discover the basic hardware and software setup
  • Understand the benefits of product review in virtual reality




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