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Hands-on with Project Rediscover: generatively designing Autodesk Toronto's office
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Project Discover was the original project that launched Autodesk's work around Generative Design for AEC, leading to the creation of Project Refinery, an optimization engine for Dynamo. It involved the generative design of Autodesk's new office in the MaRS district of Toronto, a showcase for using Generative Design for architectural layout. While this project pre-dated the latest Autodesk tools in this space, Autodesk Research embarked on Project Rediscover to go back and retrofit the original approach to work with Dynamo and Refinery. This session takes a close look at the Project Rediscover graph - which is now publicly available for anyone to load inside Dynamo - and how people might use similar techniques to implement their own Generative Design workflows.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn the history of Autodesk's research into Generative Design for AEC
  • See how Dynamo and Refinery can be used to implement Generative Design workflows in the AEC space
  • Understand the workflow implemented by the Project Rediscover graph
  • Implement their own Generative Design workflows based on the principles shown


Hands-on with Project Rediscover: Generatively Designing the Autodesk Toronto Office

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