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Data-Driven Construction Project Controls Using 4D, 5D, and Predictive Analytics
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The construction industry is currently facing a gap between the digital tools for field management and ERP (enterprise resource planning) in office. Although we've started using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and field apps for collaboration, data still remains siloed and fragmented, which leads to cost overruns and time delays. This class will cover how to use the Forge platform and the BIM 360 API to generate construction schedule and quantity takeoff for project controls and predictive analytics. Using model derivative API, we'll show you how you can generate schedule, quantity takeoff, or map with existing data instantly. You will learn how to compare cost and time impact. Learn how you can use BIM on the job site through easy-to-use mobile interface to exchange data about quantities, quality, manpower, and progress-and visualize it in a 4D and 5D environment. Finally, learn how you can apply predictive analytics to generate accurate schedule and cost estimation, and get early actionable insights into cost overruns and time delays.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to use the Forge / BIM 360 API to generate a task list, construction schedule, and quantity takeoff for cost estimation
  • Learn how to compare and conduct impact analysis of changes in design, materials, specifications, and quantities
  • Learn how to enable job sites to update daily reports and map with BIM model data for visualization and productivity metrics
  • Learn how to use predictive analytics across projects to compare trades, mitigate risks, and predict delays and cost overruns to take immediate actions




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