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Fast Track for AutoCAD MEP Power Users
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Being an AutoCAD® Architecture or AutoCAD® MEP user is like being a younger sibling of a over-achieving brother or sister. However, we've got some tricks up our sleeves and AutoCAD has some tools and features that the Revit® world doesn't have yet. In this hands-on lab, we cover tips for creating and maximizing projects using AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, or plain AutoCAD for MEP design; key features for AutoCAD MEP users that aren't available in Revit MEP; using MEP models for energy analysis and other external applications; and creating custom content quickly for 3D projects. Join us for this information-filled class that helps you be competitive in the BIM world, featuring the longest-tenured MEP modeling product in the Autodesk lineup. And get your hands on some of my tools to help you get started.

Key Learnings

  • List key components and features to use in a Project Navigator-based project
  • Describe key platform-specific features and workflows available in AutoCAD MEP
  • Make full use of MEP models for external analysis applications, such as Autodesk® Green Building Studio®, Project Vasari, and more
  • Apply tips for creating and managing custom AutoCAD MEP block-based and parametric content


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