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Rendering Your Revit Project with 3ds Max Arnold
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In this Hands-on Lab, you’ll learn how to start using the build in Arnold renderer in 3ds Max. Based on a linked Revit design you’ll learn how to use the best approach for both exterior and interior design visualization. We’ll discuss different lighting techniques, material types, and how to populate your 3ds Max scene so that it becomes a pleasant image to watch. In addition to static images, you will also learn how to render to a VR environment with Arnold.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Import or file link your Revit Design into 3ds Max
  • Convert your Revit scene automatically for an Arnold-ready render
  • Utilize the different Arnold light for both interior and exterior rendering
  • Populate your Revit design so it becomes a pleasant rendering to look at or experience in VR


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