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The Feature of Making Dream
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This class will cover a complete design process inside Fusion 360 software using different modeling tools and discovering tip and tricks for using the Freeform commands in a better way. As you know, there are many differences between classic NURBS modeling and T-spline. Especially for consumer goods parts, it is important to integrate the process with solid modeling features like shell, ribs, and bosses. During the lesson we will cover 10 golden rules for speeding up and increasing the quality of Freeform modeling and creating a good integration with solid modeling stuff. We will do all the process using Fusion 360 software. In the last part of the class we will show the workflow from the model to the first prototyping product and to the integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) for mold making. See this AU expert’s work in the gallery

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover golden rules for Freeform modeling
  • Discover the complete hybrid modeling process (solid and surface)
  • Discover consumer goods production workflow (modeling, rendering, prototyping, and CAM)
  • Discover Fusion 360 and take a global picture of this new technology



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