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The Future of Sharing Your AutoCAD and Inventor Designs on the Autodesk Viewer
Autodesk University
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Many Autodesk products give users the ability to share design data for collaboration with multiple stakeholders. AutoCAD software's Simple Share and Inventor software's Connected Design Share are two examples of similar functionality done differently between products. Wouldn't it be nice if the same functionality and workflows existed across multiple Autodesk products? This session will explore a common way to share your Autodesk designs though the Autodesk Viewer across Autodesk products. You will have the ability to see design concepts and provide your feedback and requirements to the AutoCAD, Inventor, Vault and Autodesk Cloud Platform Product Teams.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Gain an understanding of what functionality is being proposed for sharing design data
  • Learn how to provide direct feedback to product development teams on requirements
  • Learn how to validate and test proposed functionality
  • Interact directly with Autodesk Product Development Teams


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