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Lecture    CO6009
Fundamentals of Quality and Consistency in Company-Wide BIM 360 Field Implementation
Autodesk University
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This class is designed to show users how to implement BIM 360 Field software on any size project or within any size company, quickly and effectively. We can demonstrate how within just a few months we went from zero to more than 100 projects online companywide through BIM 360 Field software, including obtaining one of the world's largest ongoing commercial construction projects. We will examine some of the procedures and practices we used to enable us to streamline our implementation and provide consistency and quality across our projects and our company.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Understand effective practices for quickly implementing BIM 360 Field software on a large-scale project
  • Learn how to create a streamlined approach to quality consistency across a company
  • Learn how to unify a project team and assist in the provision of a Solution that creates a team mindset
  • Learn how to allow users to maximize time onsite, cutting down on data entry in the trailer


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