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XR in Design: How Perkins+Will Uses XR to Complement the Design Process Globally
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After the initial excitement of seeing the great potential of immersive technology (XR), we are faced with the challenge of implementing XR across our global design practice. Learn how Perkins+Will has successfully implemented the full spectrum of XR technology in its organization. Whether you would like to start with simple panoramas or go full immersion, you will learn about all levels of XR, and incorporate these XR tools into your daily workflow. Learn about 360 virtual reality (VR), 6-Dof VR, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and social VR. See how you can quickly experience your design in an immersive environment using Autodesk software, enhance stakeholder engagement, and reduce unnecessary hours spent creating drawings to explain your design intent. This class will help you understand a new workflow for implementing immersive technology across your organization.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to integrate immersive technology into your design workflow
  • Learn how to incorporate interactive VR experience for virtual mockup
  • Learn how to use AR for client engagement
  • Discover the benefits of social VR and client-team collaboration




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