Lecture    GS1641
Managing CAD and Enterprise Geospatial Data on a Military Installation
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As a working Geospatial/CAD manager on a military installation, it is a juggling act to manage all aspects of the job. The U.S. Air Force 3E5X1 (Engineers) career field’s increasing requirement for Autodesk® training has changed the way we manage our CAD as-built and geospatial enterprise data. This class will cover a combination of how going back to basics streamlined the Nellis Air Force Base business process and limited IT support challenges. We will present an overview of our “how-to” approach in managing construction as-builts, surveying methods, and GIS using AutoCAD® Map 3D® and AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software as well as products from ESRI® and Trimble®.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Identify various shortfalls of AutoCAD Map 3D when managing versioned SDE data
  • Use key techniques for managing survey data
  • Describe day-to-day best practices and training strategies at Nellis Air Force Base
  • Use Map 3D to manage as-built processes using a spatial database (SDE) connection




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