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Visual Reporting with Connected Design Data
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Viewing 3D models on a webpage or in a mobile App is great, but visualizing design data isn’t just about meshes and textures. In this class we will show you how to use your JavaScript skills to turn the Forge Viewer into a powerful visual reporting tool, giving you access to valuable data associated with each model extracted from the original design file. Connecting your viewing application to external databases and Web APIs to add even richer visualization experience. We will take that a step further by using Forge Model Derivative API: a unique REST API that gives you the ability to access metadata of your designs, download viewable packages or export to various CAD formats. This session features Forge. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Explore various way of overlaying and embedding custom graphics into the viewer
  • Learn how to create powerful, highly customized visual applications integrating elements from multiple data sources
  • Learn best practices from hands-on experience, powerful web-development tools, and techniques applied to View and Data API extensions
  • Discover the Forge Platform Model Derivative API and the new possibilities it opens to access and manipulate design data in the cloud



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