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Automating Fusion 360 with the API
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The Fusion 360 platform is an extremely powerful tool for design and manufacturing, and with the inclusion of an easy-to-use API, it can become even more powerful to automate user workflows. This class will cover a basic overview of the Fusion 360 API and how to get started. We will introduce students to a simplified method of creating and distributing Fusion 360 scripts and add-ins. Focusing on actual customer problems and sample applications, students will learn how to quickly write simple python scripts to automate tasks and create useful utilities and workflow enhancements.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Get started with the Fusion 360 API
  • Learn how to write a basic script
  • Learn how to create a custom add-in or feature
  • Learn how to find necessary information and troubleshoot a Fusion 360 add-in



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