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Roundtable    PL2566-R
Introduction to Octopart™: Find Parts Fast
Autodesk University
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Access to electronic component information is a key competitive advantage in the design and manufacturing process. In this class, a founder of Octopart, the leader in electronic part search, shares tips and tricks to search more effectively for component pricing, availability, technical specs, compliance status, and more. We dive into specific examples of how new search technology opens up access to data and improves workflow efficiency in a variety of use cases. We also present how-tos for using Octopart applications with Autodesk® PLM 360. Attendee participation is encouraged at this roundtable session.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Access part information more quickly and effectively
  • Explore new use cases where part search can improve workflow
  • Describe new industry trends in search and big data
  • Explain how you can use Octopart applications in Autodesk PLM 360


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