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From Data Shortcuts to Vault and Buzzsaw—A Piece of Cake
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Data shortcuts provide a flexible, object-level, project management tool without the administrative overhead. Data shortcuts are managed in Toolspace on the Prospector tab in a structure that is similar to Vault software. However, data shortcuts do not provide the editing controls, protection, and data security that Vault software does. Do you know what Vault software is? Do you know what Vault software is really for? Do you know why you should use it? Do you have challenges managing data while working in project teams? Are you part of a civil/survey firm with multisites? Do you need to collaborate your civil projects with external partners? Have you ever registered for a 30-day free trial of Buzzsaw software? Come and join us as we give you “A Piece of Cake” of how to install and implement Vault software and Buzzsaw software for civil/survey firms with multisites.

Key Learnings

  • Learn what Vault can do for your business
  • Learn how Vault can be capitalized on in a business with multiple geographic locations
  • Learn the advantages to referencing AutoCAD Civil 3D objects using Vault in place of data shortcuts
  • Learn how to collaborate and share files with external stakeholders using Buzzsaw software


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