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Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing and Vault Professional—Optimize Multidisciplinary Workflows
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The Product Design & Manufacturing Collection offers tools and workflows, enabling multidisciplinary collaboration from ideas to manufactured products. This class will demonstrate use cases showing how Vault Professional software captures all relevant data to share the right information to all people involved at the right time. Follow best practices and practical use cases. Discuss challenges encountered in daily work of engineering and requirements of downstream processes of procurement, manufacturing planning, and machining. Watch live demonstrations using built-in capabilities, and learn how automation options of Inventor software and Vault Professional may eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks. Additional class materials are going to share all samples, configurations, and automation snippets used and shown during the class.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Get an overview of major capabilities and workflows covered by the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection toolset
  • Learn how Vault Professional captures all relevant engineering data using built-in functionalities
  • Get insights on challenges encountered when consolidating data for different disciplines, like sharing models for procurement or machining
  • Learn how to access available configuration and automation samples that might help to eliminate unproductive steps in daily work



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