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Dynam(o)ite Your Rebar Design
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Increasingly, our Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects require the delivery of detailed models. In the reinforced concrete industry, it is becoming a standard to create fabrication-ready models as manufacturing-centric approaches are entering the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) world. In this class, you will discover the effect when computational design meets reinforcement detailing. Do you want to get introduced to the world of computational rebar design? Then this session will familiarize you with the Autodesk, Inc., technology for complex reinforcement detailing with Revit software and Dynamo software. In this powerful 90 minutes, you will see a few examples, from the automation of basic rebar design over radial fan-shaped rebars to complex irregular elements. After this session, you will be inspired by the power and dynamics of parametric and computational design for complex problems. This session features Revit Structure and Dynamo Studio. AIA Approved

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discuss the power of computational design for reinforcement detailing
  • Understand the basic rebar modeling solutions in Revit
  • Learn how to make your own automated rebar design with Dynamo
  • Learn how to apply computational rebar design in your Revit models with Dynamo



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