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Flow Dynamics: a CFD Implementation Case Study*
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Implementing new technologies in your company is always a challenge. Everything from getting approvals, licensing, training, testing and failing are just a part of the process. Once you get it right, then you need to document your findings and train your staff. In this case study you will learn about some of the business and technical challenges of a CFD implementation project in Costa Rica’s largest MEP Design Firm. After a brief introduction to CFD, we will cover how to get support from management, how to get appropriate training, documentation and other resources to help you get started. Finally, we will explore some of the difficulties encountered in implementing CFD and the strategies adopted to overcome them. This class will feature a real world forced ventilation example for basements as a case study.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Make a compelling business case in order to get approval for implementation
  • Access learning materials, documentation and other valuable resources available
  • Gather the necessary information from engineers for successful validation of your results
  • Pick an appropriate project to solve and take CFD for a test drive


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