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Gaming the System: Combine AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, InfraWorks, and Game Engines for Sites
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Intended for intermediate to advanced AutoCAD Civil 3D software users, this class is designed to show land development professionals techniques and nuances for creating renderings and movies of their proposed projects. Utilizing many of the programs provided in Infrastructure Design Suite software (AutoCAD Civil 3D software, InfraWorks software, Revit software, and 3ds Max software), this class will consist of a live demonstration showing how to create compelling and grade accurate visualizations of your site designs. By treating InfraWorks 360 software as a “level builder” we will explore how to composite existing and proposed ground surfaces, build and apply coverages for pavement and pavement markings, and prepare tree surveys for 3D placement. Finally, we will explore the use of InfraWorks software models in real-time game rendering engines. By capitalizing on real-time engines, we can shortcut long rendering times to create accurate visualizations quickly.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to develop quick workflows to create compelling and cost-effective visualizations using Infrastructure Design Suite
  • Learn how to establish a model-based design as a means to coordinate with architects when creating realistic site renderings
  • Learn about composite AutoCAD Civil 3D surfaces and coverages (grass, pavement, markings) in InfraWorks in order to create a detailed site model
  • Learn how to use an InfraWorks model in a game engine to produce real-time visualization deliverable



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