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FORGEing Ahead: Extending BIM 360 Docs to Enhance Workflows for Document Management
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Document management and control for construction is an ever-evolving challenge. Trying to meet standards, naming conventions, and the approval process all provide challenges of their own. BIM 360 Docs software gives us one piece of the puzzle and Forge software is the other. GRAITEC has been researching and experimenting with both BIM 360 Docs and Forge to automate the process of controlling where documents and drawings sit in the approval process within a common data environment, to meet various standards such as PAS 1192 in the United Kingdom. This course describes the journey and adventure of using Forge for the first time to meet a growing demand in the industry. Come and experience the thrills and spills encountered by the GRAITEC developers as they dove head first into this new and uncharted world of APIs and web services. Join in on the fun and the conversation of developing workflows between BIM 360 products using Forge, and learn how to get started with Forge to open up endless possibilities.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn why you should choose Forge and discover its advantages
  • Understand the challenges of document approval processes
  • Get a feel for BIM 360 Docs, drawing management, and the common data environment
  • Become a pioneer



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