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The Cost of Trade-Offs: Generative Design Decision Making with aPriori
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The goal of the engineering process is to strike the right balance of performance and cost to produce. One of the primary goals of Autodesk Generative Design in Fusion 360 software is to support the design exploration of the solution space for complex engineering problems with this challenge in mind. This exploration can come in the form of geometry requirements, manufacturing process, and materials. With a large number of potential solutions, the decision-making process becomes critical to getting the most out of generative design. In this session, Autodesk and aPriori will talk about best practices leveraging the cost information provided through the partnership with aPriori to support decision making and tradeoff analysis, and moving it forward in the design to make workflow.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover how generative design drives design exploration
  • Learn about the tools available for decision making in the Autodesk Generative Design workspace
  • Learn about how materials, performance, and production methods impact design
  • Learn how to use generatively designed parts in downstream workflows




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