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Transforming Electric Utilities: From 2D to 3D Standards
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Electric Grid Transmission and Distribution Construction Standards (STDs) have traditionally been built on known rules in order to conservatively model pole structures to meet code safety and compliance requirements. These STDs were created in 2D, published as “Standards,” and added to construction job packages to aid installation. Moving those same detail STDs to Inventor software 3D models opens a whole new list of opportunities, such as: Do I keep the STDs the same and just add those detail 2D drawings from 3D to the construction package? Do the STDs change based on the new 3D model? Do I share these 3D models with designers and construction contractors, or do I share just the same 2D detail drawings? How do I manage all the data and share with internal/external designers, engineers, and contractors? How do I create an interactive 3D construction assembly simulation? How do I create 3D models as training tools? How do I streamline construction STDs data management? How do I facilitate material cost control and project “bill of material”?

Key Learnings

  • See examples of 3D model standards
  • Discover the options that 3D modeling gives you
  • Discover the workflow of building a construction package from a 3D model
  • Learn how to facilitate material cost control and project bill of materials




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