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Virtual-Reality Collaboration: The Future of Automotive Design Visualization
Autodesk University
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Virtual reality (VR) is a game changer for collaborative design review. VR technology is now at a quality level that gives designers confidence to make design decisions virtually. Designers and engineers can explore virtual models and design variations at full scale before physical models get built. Multiple users can collaborate across multiple remote locations. This talk will cover innovative immersive VR technology with VRED software and Forge Platform. Hear firsthand from Faraday Future about how they are capitalizing on VR to solve design review challenges and bring cars to market faster at lower cost. The future of automotive design visualization is here. This session features VRED and Forge.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover status, trends, and the future of the automotive design review process
  • Understand how VRED technology is used in VR design review workflows
  • Learn how the latest VR technology can improve visualization experience and review precision
  • Understand the power of multisite VR collaboration solutions for a global design process


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