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Compositing: What is It Good For? An Introduction to Compositing
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3D visualization has become a very important part of the practice in today's design industry; it is no longer limited to just the film and game studios who have long-established pipelines that deal with rendering and compositing. These critical techniques are little known by other design industries, or they are typically practiced to a very limited degree, utilizing available software such as Adobe Photoshop. There exists a common misconception that the Hollywood-like compositing workflow is too expensive or beyond reach. Design companies that have 3ds Max software or Maya software can get help from the Composite program from Autodesk, Inc. From 3ds Max software, you will learn how to render by element, separating important layers that can be used in a compositing workflow. From Composite software, you will learn how to assemble your rendered layers and make post-production changes that impact the look and feel of your final rendered image or animation.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover the principles of compositing
  • Understand the basic use of Composite software in a compositing workflow
  • Discover critical render element types that are crucial for maximum compositing flexibility
  • Learn how to use the high dynamic range EXR image format instead of the traditional JPEG or TIFF



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