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Realize the Value of Virtual Reality Through Aggregating Reality-Capture and Design Models
Autodesk University
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Learn how to take existing project information and capitalize on Autodesk, Inc., platforms; ReCap 360 Pro software; Remake software; Revit software; and Maya software—all to create and aggregate models and present information in an immersive virtual-reality setting to derive value for the overall project. The case study we’ll look at is a historically significant, high-visibility project that needed various reality-capture methods to mitigate possible risk and liability during construction. The team was able to use these requirements to drive drone flights, photogrammetric models, and laser scans. These were used to enrich the design models and create an environment to run scenarios for logistics and feasibility studies. The downstream effect will help the owner better understand the complexity and manage understanding of changes as they occur. The created environment will also aid in developing future projects that have similar challenges. This session features ReCap, Maya, and Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Recognize existing project information that can be used in a VR setting
  • Learn how to improve the workflow process of making a quality VR project experience
  • Learn how to derive value from creating a high-end VR experience
  • Learn about preserving historical buildings with new technology and workflow



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