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Dynamo and Fabrication Parts in Revit: What Can Be Done with It?
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This class will introduce Fabrication users to Dynamo software, a possible solution for Fabrication scripting users in the Revit environment. We'll cover some of the basics of how Dynamo works, how to set it up for multiple users in an organization, and the basics of filtering for parts. We'll make changes to these parts, like adding parameters, which now makes them schedulable. At the end of this class, we'll look at additional possibilities for Dynamo, which should give users reasons to explore it in more detail.

Key Learnings

  • Understand what Dynamo is, how it works, and what it can do for you with Fabrication Parts in Revit
  • Learn how to use nodes to search for Fabrication Parts and understand what you are looking at
  • Learn how to create a Dynamo Script to write a specific parameter to a specific list of Fabrication Parts
  • Explore some additional Dynamo examples that work with Fabrication Parts, showing how useful it can be and how it can increase productivity



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