Lecture    AV3038
What's New in mental ray and iray®
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This class gives you a challenging and fast-paced look at recent advances in mental ray® Standalone 3D rendering software and the NVIDIA® iray® renderer with 2014 Autodesk® software releases. In this class we cover (1) the use of mental ray image-based lighting (IBL) in 3ds Max® 2014 software for product rendering, (2) the use of the Skylight IBL mode for final gathering, (3) the use of String Options in the new UI and through MAXScript to access hidden features of mental ray such as progressive rendering, importons, and irradiance particles, and IBL in 3ds Max 2013, (4) the use of the new Unified Sampling option, and how it compares to previous options (5) the new Architectural and Caustics modes in iray 3.1, and (6) optimal hardware options for using iray.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Produce renderings using Image-Based Lighting and Final Gather Skylight modes
  • Use String Options in the new Render Setup UI and via MAXScript
  • Describe and use the new Unified Sampling option in mental ray
  • Describe the applications for, and produce renderings with, the new Architectural and Caustics modes in iray



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