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Innovation Journey from Shape Optimization to Generative Design
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This class will focus on how Plastique Métal Technologie (PMT), part of Veolia Water Technologies, has used Fusion 360 features in order to optimize the shape of some parts of their ecological wastewater treatment plants. Veolia will explain how its engineering teams have worked on a few use cases, like optimizing separation plates or exploring new shapes for the bucket wheels through generative design capabilities. With Fusion 360 software, Veolia can redesign key manufacturing parts of the firm’s equipment and reduce material used. It participates in a context of sustainable development to reduce waste and costs (such as transportation and manufacturing costs), and to improve the security during maintenance operation for Veolia customers and employees.

Key Learnings

  • How shape Optimization and Generative design are used for sustainability
  • Learn how Generative design in Fusion 360 can be used in the Water treatment Industry
  • Learn how to redesign manufacturing parts
  • Learn how to control the production costs



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