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Optimization and 3D Printing of Conformal Cooling Mold Using Autodesk Tools
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Printing metal parts using additive manufacturing is expansive. Most of the commercialized metal 3D printers involve cutting the metal component off the metal substrate after deposition and subsequent removal of support structure, which itself could be made of metal. Incorrect design considerations can result in distorted parts and impossible-to-remove support structures. Conformal cooling molds are a prime example of where complexity involved in design requires metal additive manufacturing. This class will follow design workflow for a conformal cooling mold using Autodesk, Inc., tools, and it will teach attendees how to account for machine constraints during design process for a successful build using metal 3D printers. This session features Within.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how to use Autodesk tools to design parts for metal 3D printing
  • Learn how to incorporate machine constraints for metal 3D printing in design workflow
  • Learn how to optimize parts with additive manufacturing in mind
  • Learn how the data flows between Autodesk simulation and additive tools




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