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Hands-on Lab    AS125245-L
Back to the Future: Travel Back in Time and Create History Using Revit
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The class will start with an introduction to a historical project created in Revit software using scan-to-Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows. The completed model will be showcased and specific features of the model will be highlighted. We will then introduce you to various Autodesk software used to accomplish the model, VIZ. Revit software, ReCap software, ReMake software, and Navisworks software. Once you have a basic understanding of the proposed workflow, we will then give a hands-on instructional demonstration. The workflows you will learn include visualizing a point cloud in ReCap and Navisworks; importing the point cloud in Revit, and making sure it's at the right location; creating basic historical objects using the Revit family editor; modeling complex architectural features in Revit; and scanning to ReMake and Revit. Lastly, you will discover how the model can be exported to Revit Live and visualized in a 1:1 scale using virtual reality devices to truly go back in time using tools of the future.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Understand how to effectively use point clouds in Revit, Navisworks, and ReCap
  • Get an exposure to unconventional modeling techniques of historical objects
  • Understand the 3R (ReCap to ReMake to Revit) workflow
  • Learn the use of Revit Live to visualize historical structures


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