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Design-to-Fabrication Structural BIM Workflows for Mixed Concrete and Steel Projects
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In this class, we will create a mixed-material structure in Revit software, and explore a workflow that optimizes the collaboration between disciplines, and shares the project intelligently with engineers, designers, technical detailers, and fabricators. Using connected or Revit software-specific applications, we will round-trip the project to/from all disciplines, and—using multiple software applications and Revit software as the hub for the central Building Information Modeling (BIM) model—we will develop the detail at each stage, adding reinforcement to structural elements, and adapting to requirements for openings for MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) services proposed late in the stage, and applying and checking steel connections before sending the model to Advance Steel software for detailing and then Graitec Advance Workshop software for production. We will also look at how you can keep track of production status as you link this data back into Advance Steel software, and we'll explore various Autodesk, Inc., cloud services for project visibility and collaboration. This session features Revit and Advance Steel.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to use Revit as the central model in a structural BIM workflow for steel and concrete
  • Discover tools that enable round-trip project sharing and synchronization
  • Learn how to rapidly develop detail for reinforcement and steel connections
  • Explore a working Design-to-Fabrication workflow



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