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Optimizing Your VR Pipeline
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The course will take designers through the process of importing many forms of 3D data (IGEs, STEP, scan data, CATIA). Then we'll look in depth at optimizing large 3D models to enable efficient virtual reality (VR) experiences. First we'll explore VRED functionality for both file optimization and VR execution. Next, we'll take that same data into Maya software and prepare it for use in the Stingray gaming engine. That preparation will include using Mudbox software to create textures. Finally, we'll show the Stingray workflows to create a VR experience.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how VRED can import and optimize large CAD data sets
  • Learn how to use VRED to create a VR experience
  • Learn how to import the data set into Maya to prepare for Stingray
  • Learn how to use Stingray to create a VR experience



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