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Streamlining the Revit Process with Custom Add-ins
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How does a Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager get started in the wonderful world of the Revit building design software API? More importantly, how do programmers keep from getting overwhelmed with custom add-in requests from employees at their firms? We will discuss ideas regarding how to get started programming and how to beta test your custom add-ins company wide. We will also investigate how to calculate the difficulty level for coding a specific idea, and when it is time to take your code to the next level. This session features Revit, Revit Architecture, and Revit MEP. AIA Approved

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to use the sample code examples and create a starting template
  • Determine how to best implement new add-ins throughout the company
  • Understand the level of difficulty for specific add-in tasks
  • Learn how to decide when a custom add-in is worth building or buying


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