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Mapping PAVER in AutoCAD Map 3D
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This class will cover the workflows and processes for integrating AutoCAD Map 3D software with PAVER pavement maintenance management system. We will examine the various issues involved in managing the spatial components of branches, sections, and test locations that are evaluated in PAVER and visualized in AutoCAD Map 3D software. We will showcase the use of Industry Model within AutoCAD Map 3D software as a repository for managing these pavement features. Within AutoCAD software, we will show how to use custom topology tools to validate and fix errors in the pavement geometry. And we will demonstrate how, using display maps and map layers, we can symbolize Pavement Condition Indices (PCI) and other conditions evaluated in PAVER to present pavement structures in a map layout for printing. This session features AutoCAD Map 3D.

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  • Learn how to manage geospatial pavement features related to PAVER
  • Learn how to use the Pavement Toolkit to link and edit Branches, Sections, and Sample Units between AutoCAD and PAVER
  • Learn how to generate PCI and structural map documents based on PAVER data
  • Understand alternative methods for applying CAD and GIS tools to everyday problems


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