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Connected Bridge Design
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This class will cover the workflow of how to use Civil 3D software, Dynamo, Python, and Revit software to model a steel arch bridge with a double-curved superstructure. We will examine the various steps in the process, such as getting the highways model ready in Civil 3D, using Dynamo and Python to generate a bridge in Revit connected to this highways model, and updating the design. We will show how this workflow was used to design a 300-meter steel arch bridge in the Netherlands. Finally, with our Autodesk colleagues, we will show how the InfraWorks software-led bridge workflow will greatly simplify the process of tackling such complex projects by capitalizing on a fully parametric approach, from concept to detailed design.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover the workflow for designing complex civil structures using Civil 3D, Dynamo, and Revit
  • Discover the future of connected bridge design using InfraWorks
  • Learn how to use the supplied samples to start modeling complex civil structures
  • Discover how scripting can be used to automate repetitive tasks and update when the design changes


Connected Bridge Design
Connected Bridge Design

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