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Concept Design to Detailed Design Workflows
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In this class we will cover multiple workflow paths, moving Alias SpeedForm conceptual data and evolving it into technically clean surfaces in Alias software. Starting with the Alias SpeedForm model, we will investigate what it looks like and the pros and cons of using this data directly. Then we will look at techniques to augment the data to cleaner surfaces. Finally we will use mesh-modeling techniques to work off the shape. One of the techniques we will use is scan data workflow. Students will gain a better practical understanding of how to move Alias SpeedForm data into Alias software.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Discover output types from Alias SpeedForm and how they work in Alias
  • Discover the practical use of native T-Spline data in Alias
  • Discover the practical use of augmented surfaces in Alias
  • Learn the practical use of mesh and scan data workflows to develop Alias SpeedForm surfaces



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