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Using the New Geometry and Meshing Tools in Autodesk CFD
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One of the main development efforts regarding Autodesk CFD software has been to reduce time that users spend on the tasks of altering geometry and meshing. There have been several new major features and tools added to the product as part of this focus. The aim of this class is to inform and teach about how to gain productivity and greatly reduce your model-preparation time using these new tools. This class will include instructional demonstrations on how to use the new Surface Wrap tools, Model Assessment Toolkit, and SimStudio Tools for Autodesk CFD software. We will show a live demonstration of these tools in action. There will also be some demonstration of further enhancements for geometry and meshing available in the Autodesk CFD 2017 Beta software scheduled to be available at the time of Autodesk University 2015.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to export simulation results
  • Learn how to render simulation results in Autodesk's Media & Entertainment tools
  • Learn how to produce amazing images
  • Learn how to produce amazing videos



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