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Vault and Inventor Properties: Working Together for Better Data Management

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    Managing the metadata associated with your designs can be a confusing task. If you are using Vault software, the first step in the process is realizing that Vault Properties and Inventor software’s iProperties are actually different. Also, you have to understand the difference between a Vault system property and a Vault user-defined property. Once you understand all the different types of properties involved, how do you get them to work together? This class will guide you through the journey, from understanding the difference between iProperties versus Vault properties and Vault system properties and Vault user-defined properties. Then we will demonstrate how to create the proper mappings that will enable them to work seamlessly together. We will discuss different ways to use this data, from searching Vault for these properties to how to use those properties on drawing title blocks and parts lists.

    Aprendizajes clave

    • Discover the difference between Vault Properties and Inventor iProperties.
    • Describe the process of how to create and map Vault properties.
    • Learn how to capitalize on the new Vault Properties while searching.
    • Learn how to utilize the connection between Inventor and Vault to ease the process of managing file metadata.