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From Design to Construction: The New Era of Cloud-Connected Data

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    In the early days of CAD, we made 2D creations of designs. Then came the era of creating models in 3D. Now, the next phase is connected BIM (Building Information Modeling). This era is about building applications and solutions that connect a community of people to a project or product, and to the new means of production. In this era, you can optimize a design not only for how it functions, but for how it is built and interconnects with other systems, as well as in the cloud. This class will showcase how users can utilize the power of the cloud using Revit software and BIM 360 software. It will also showcase how the users can customize the information present in BIM 360 using Forge and how they can make their own customized apps.

    Aprendizajes clave

    • BIM 360 Design workflow
    • Integration of Design and Construction
    • Understanding of Autodesk Forge
    • Future of cloud technology