Roundtable Discussion
What does Sustainability mean for Contractors?
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Themen: Construction Management, Digital Construction, Safety Management, Simulation and Analysis, Sustainability


The demand for sustainable construction is growing at an incredible pace. It is estimated that the market for sustainable construction materials will hit $377 billion by 2022. We've come to learn about the importance of sustainability in the building sector. Let's talk about the stumbling obstacles and how we might close the gaps in standard construction practices. Our goal is to improve collaboration in order to achieve more sustainable design, construction, and operations. The goal of this session is to bring together thought leaders in the construction sector to explore more sustainable approaches for the implementation of early, predictive, and real-time analysis. We'll also talk about the roadblocks to successful stakeholder collaboration and communication. We will share the raw data obtained at the end of this session to help you navigate these barriers once you return to your workplace.


  1. Discover road blocks for sustainable practices in the construction industry
  2. Define what sustainability means to contractors
  3. Define sustainability metrics and KPIs for design and construction team to deliver
  4. Gather and collect data that will provide value to your sustainable project demands

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