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UN-sexy Side of Sustainability: Dissecting the UN SDGs for Business Growth
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Themen: Building Design, Building Operations, Convergence, Future of Work, Sustainability


By 2023, the market for green buildings in the United States is estimated to be worth $103.08 billion; moreover, the green buildings have shown to raise the asset value of a building by 7%, making the sustainability industry extremely profitable. Yet, sustainability has become a buzzword and is often used without knowing what it takes to tackle green building projects and successfully meet current demands. Many businesses promote sustainability services, but they frequently lack the foundations to back them up. In this session, we’ll dive into the different aspects of the sustainability defined in the UN’s SDGs and the net zero-ready measures that may help your company achieve higher success rates and, as a result, increased profitability. To reach these objectives, you must first determine what processes and measurements must be in place to maximize your investment and avoid resistance by incorporating them into daily operations.


  1. Identify the UN’s SDGs and how they reflect the holistic view of sustainability.
  2. Dissect the UN’s SDGs metrics that the AECO industry can incorporate to support its business strategies.
  3. Break down the indicators you can use to generate measurable long-term growth throughout the design process.
  4. Implement the steps and strategies to align your project’s goals with the UN SDGs.

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