Februar 24, 2021

Manufacturing Better with Simulation

Until recently, if you wanted to know whether your product design would work as intended, you only had one option: make one and try it. If it didn’t perform as expected, it was back to the not-so-proverbial drawing board to revise and rework, then make another and try it again. Prototyping and testing was essential, but also expensive and time-consuming.


Today, digital simulation tools are enabling new approaches in manufacturing. Whether you’re simulating gas or liquid flow with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), product performance with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), or commissioning an entire production line virtually with a digital twin, simulation enables you to replicate physical processes in a digital model, analyze performance, iterate, and improve—all without ever having to make the product in the real world.

At AU 2020, Autodesk announced new simulation capabilities in Fusion 360, including extensions for machine tool simulation, additive manufacturing simulation, and injection molding. We also announced a partnership with Rockwell Automation to streamline the data flow between the factory layout tools in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and the simulation tools in Emulate3D. These advances give you new tools to make better products with greater efficiency and pave the way to a digital twin.

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