Lecture    CP2104
iLogic for Everyone: Five Autodesk® Inventor® iLogic Rules Everyone Can Use
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The iLogic component in Autodesk Inventor software is very powerful in helping users automate segments of their design process. This class will show students five ways they can use iLogic that are not specific to any one design. We will start with an introduction to iLogic. Then, we will address five scenarios that the students could be facing and the iLogic rules that could be used to resolve the issues. We will discuss topics such as sheet metal extents, plot stamps, iProperties, saving as PDF, and exporting bills of materials.

Key Learnings

  • Manipulate properties using iLogic rules and iLogic forms
  • Use the Save As and Export functions inside iLogic rules
  • Create Inventor templates that use external iLogic rules
  • Explain the concept of external iLogic rules and how to create them



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