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CIM Workflow with Scan Data
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In this class you will learn how to capitalize on scan data collected from a scanner to help validate existing-conditions data and provide the basis for your design process. Incorporating scan technology and total station, see how the raw scan data is registered in ReCap software utilizing geolocation control points from the field. We will then evaluate the data and prep it to be passed up to InfraWorks 360 software for further analysis, such as placement of roads, bridges, and surfaces. After completing the analysis, see how you can extract actual design data from the InfraWorks software model to further the design process within AutoCAD Civil 3D software. Finally, see how designers and engineers can begin to capitalize on this data for surfaces, alignments, and site planning.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Learn how to capitalize on scan data to validate existing conditions
  • Learn how to register, geolocate, and evaluate scan data
  • Learn how to import point cloud (scan data) into InfraWorks for further evaluation and proposed design creation
  • Learn how to import an InfraWorks model into AutoCAD Civil 3D for further design



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