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Structural Design of Base Plates and Anchoring—Future of Best Practices in HILTI
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This class will explain current methods of base plate and anchoring design in steel structures, and look at their limitations. Then it will introduce a new approach to designing and checking base plates and anchoring of any shape, loaded in any direction. It is based on a new method called component-based finite element model (CBFEM) and has been implemented into the new version of Hilti PROFIS. We'll demonstrate this new approach that lets structural engineers design base plates and anchoring more accurately and efficiently. We'll show various examples and verification studies. We'll also introduce a new workflow from Robot Structural Analysis Professional software via PROFIS into Revit software and Advanced Steel software.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Understand best practices in base plate and anchoring design
  • Learn how to design and check any anchoring in minutes
  • Discover new a workflow for base plate and anchoring design
  • Learn how to use advanced solutions for problems that existed for years



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