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Advanced Rendering in Fusion 360: Photorealistic Visual Storytelling
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Fusion 360 software is a powerful CAD software system, and one of its most powerful capabilities is the Autodesk Rendering environment. This class will cover how to achieve impressive, photo-realistic renderings. Topics will include everything from basic layout and composition to best practices for using materials, lighting, and environment effects. While this class will focus on examples of product design within Fusion 360 software’s rendering environment, the ideas described can be applied to any rendering situation and any rendering program. Compelling renderings are a key tool for successful storytelling of designs and concepts to a wide audience. This class will help you achieve rendering awesomeness.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Discover how to create clear and engaging renderings based in photography principles
  • Learn best practices for setting up materials, lighting, camera, and environments
  • Learn how to take full advantage of Fusion 360 software’s intuitive rendering environment
  • Learn how successful renderings connect with audiences by telling engaging visual stories


Advanced Rendering in Fusion 360: Photorealistic Visual Storytelling

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