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Modeling What Matters: An Integrated Approach to BIM for High-Performance Buildings
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We are eager to move beyond traditional workflows with limited analysis opportunities to a higher level of BIM (Building Information Modeling) utilization that we believe results in higher-performing buildings. As new tools and plug-ins have come online, we have incorporated them into our studios. Not having a well-defined holistic approach by combining BIM and building-performance analysis, however, has required creating unnecessary remodeling and an under-utilization of data-driven approaches to design. We are not only committed to finding efficiency in our modeling workflow, but as founding signers to the AIA 2030 challenge, we also aim to improve our workflow to deliver high-performing buildings. This class will outline our internal process for creating a new, integrated, high-performance work process. Issues we’ll cover include types of building-performance analysis to integrate and at what phases, identification of performance-analysis software, issues related to its use in our current model management, and development of a new workflow map.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Discover sustainability differently through building performance analysis
  • Learn about the types of performance analysis that can be implemented on a project to support a data-driven approach to design
  • Learn how to identify opportunities in your own workflow to integrate performance analysis
  • Learn how to engage stakeholders about changing BIM processes and facilitating implementation success



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