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Roundtable    AV3500-R
Interactive Stories: A Discussion About Using Interactive Technologies on Mobile Devices
Autodesk University
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Join us for an exciting discussion about some of the latest interactive technologies for architectural visualization and their use on mobile devices. This roundtable discussion covers a variety of topics, including interactive animations and augmented reality applications. We examine their pros and cons and discuss workflow to get your 3D data into these programs. Contribute your knowledge and experience with these applications and hear from other users about their challenges and success stories. View samples of some of the types of work that we discuss at

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Describe the basic workflow for getting your 3D models into interactive applications
  • Apply new methods for using your mobile device for architectural visualization presentations
  • Describe the roadblocks and challenges to using interactive technologies
  • Identify a variety of different mobile applications that support augmented reality



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