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Dynamo for Integrated Computational Engineering
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Integrated cross-disciplinary engineering requires integrated modeling. In turn, this necessitates a computational environment that promotes automation and facilitates collaboration and interoperability. At BuroHappold Engineering, Revit software is the principal Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, used across the organization for model coordination and deliverable production. Based on this, BuroHappold has developed global protocols for interdisciplinary collaboration, information exchange, and retention and reusability of computational knowledge. Drawing on the Revit software database, a visual programming environment such as the Dynamo extension platform can act as conduit and integrator between modeling, analysis, and production. We can use Dynamo extension’s built-in package manager in conjunction with resources such as a company intranet for dissemination of workflows as well as for version and dependency tracking. The effectiveness of such sharing of computational protocols and standards is a major component for collaboration in design practice.

Wichtige Erkenntnisse

  • Gain knowledge of the usefulness of an integrated modeling environment
  • Learn how to draw on strengths from multiple modeling platforms
  • See practice-based examples of dissemination, documentation, and reusability of computational engineering tools
  • Discover examples of customized Dynamo workflows in action



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